Globtech is a indigenous business established itself in the growing IT industry in Zimbabwe on the 28th October 2014. The company is to be located at corner First Street and G.Silundike at Silundike house. 

Globtech is a rooting itself in the IT industry focusing on supplying all ICT products e.g Full Computer Re-sell Computer Hardware Parts and Accessories, Computer Maintenance and Repair Services ,all types of printers, cartridges, installation of CCTV, Software upgrading and Networking .

The company based on the advice of our Legal advisor. This structure will give us greatest flexibility and operational advantages based on the nature of the business and anticipated growth .

Senior Management : Mr T .Tandi, Managing Director

Mr K Muchatisi, Chief Financial Officer

Miss A Nyakabwe, Human Resources Director

The senior management of the company determines the goals and objectives of the company through the Board an d General meetings they hold.



Bank Account : CABS BANK

Bank Account Number : 1005375356

Business Identification Number 90016210




Zimbabwe Revenue Authority

Tax Clearance Certificate (ITF263)

Tax Year Ending 31 December 2022
Globtech Solutions & Computing Globtech Solutions & Computing

Business Partner Number: 0200177436
Your Tax position is Satisfactory. No 10% tax should be withheld

Clearance issued on 01/02/2022 at 09:31:17 valid until 03/31/2022 Authentication code: SCZN.DXE2.VLJH.KV0Z

The authentication and validity of this certificate must be validated on ZIMRA page at: http://efiling.zimra.co.zw